A few of the studios I'm regularly working out of

London - The Shala
Munich -  Jivamukti
LuxembourgYoga Palais
Dubai Talis Spa, Madinat Jumeirah

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Richard Pilnick is the real thing. He is an artist, a Yogi, and a gentle man filled with courage, compassion, intuition, and brilliance. He is more than a photographer. Richard is an important historian who possesses the keen and unique ability to draw out of his subject the very pulse of their being. When I see his art, I see the wisdom, breadth and the depth of each person: they are raw, vulnerable and authentic. His portraits are amazingly in the here and now but will inspire us for an eternity.

Rusty Wells


Not many photographers have been able to capture asana as well as Richard. He is a master craftsman and artist who understands the essence of yoga. His images show the grace, intensity and stillness of yoga. He is a yogi both behind the lens and on the mat.

Gingi Lee


I have loved every minute of working with Richard. He is a true talent and a joy to work with. He is a perfectionist like no other and his stunning images capture the spirit and soul and unique beauty of his subjects. 

The Shala London 


Working with Richard was an amazing experience. He is not only one of the very best photographers I ever met, but is also also an inspiring Yogi. Therefore doing the photos for my new Ashtanga Yoga book became a real yogic experience. His eyes are so sharp to see the perfect posture and the perfect moment of it. Were other photographers "klick" 10 times he hits the button once. But this one photo really says something about the Asana and the practice!

Dr. Ronald Steiner


Sharing the LOVE

Eternally grateful to everyone who has helped this journey, in particular, John Scott, Dr. Ronald Steiner & Laruga Glaser for their collaboration in creating this body of work on the Ashtanga sequence.

Below is a selection of the incredible Yogi(ni)s from around the world.


Phil Douglas

Tattoo Artist | London






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