Working closely with individual teachers & students to create a portfolio of Asana pictures for websites, press and social media.


Giving the clients a little something extra to remember the special experience, whilst creating a body of work for promotion of upcoming events.


Capturing the essence and vitality of the studio space for a powerful online presence, whilst showing the personalities of those who teach.  


Journeying beyond the beyond encapsulating the spirit of the retreat, intimate portraits of the local guides, luxurious landscapes & the soul of the practice.

Richard’s intentions are to inspire more people to come to the mat through fine art photography, believing the more people we can inspire to practice the happier and healthier this world would become…

Richard is based in London, England, regularly traveling to Europe & Asia. We’d love to hear from you and begin a journey of self discovery together.

Yoga Photography LOVES collaborating with studios, brands and retreats, so if you have an idea, we’d be honoured to help raise vibrations together…

We'd love to create magic with you...


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